Electric Heating


Central Heating with normal radiators and no gas supply.
Suitable for both vented and unvented wet central heating (Radiators) and domestic hot water systems wherever there's mains electricity.
There are over two million homes in Britain with no mains gas supply as well as other rural homes, new housing projects and multi-floor dwellings that
Would benefit from the flexibility of a modern electric boiler.
Used as a direct replacement for Gas, Oil, Propane, Solid Fuel or Electric Storage heating, the Powerstream Professional flow boiler provides a practical
way of delivering hot water and heating to any home and can be used with standard ‘wet’ system radiators, underfloor heating, programmers, pumps,
room stats and thermostatic radiator valves.
There are seven models in the range to suit the majority of applications, including sealed and open vented installations. In addition, the flow boiler can
provide domestic hot water when used in conjunction with an indirect hot water storage cylinder.
The Redring Powerstream Professional delivers the industry standard where Gas, Oil, Propane or Solid Fuel is not available; or fluing restrictions prevent
the use of boilers that use these fuels. The wet central heating system boiler does not require costly servicing and safety checks, has no need of any flue
system and as such provides the maximum flexibility in terms of boiler location.
The Powerstream Professional flow boiler is 99.8% efficient and silent in operation. It quickly produces hot water by circulating water over electric heating

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